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Servlet Demo



Included with the jCharts distribution is a demo Web Application: jChartsServletExamples.war. This is a simple demo of a couple of Servlets which create charts and stream them back to the browser.

Get a Servlet Container

There are many Servlet Containers you can download for free. Our preference is the excellent Apache Tomcat. Go ahead and download the latest version of Tomcat and follow their installation instructions.

Installing the war

As you learned from the Tomcat documentation, the webapps folder is where the magic happens. Place the jChartsServletExamples.war file in this directory, and start Tomcat.

Now, open a web browser. My personal recommendation is the Mozilla browser. Point to the following address: ( is the same as 'localhost')

If everything works, you should see the jCharts Servlet Demo page come up. Wasn't that simple?

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