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All Bar Charts


All Bar Charts

This section shows common settings available to all Bar Charts. A Simple Bar Chart is used only for illustrative purposes.

Bar Width

jCharts allows you to specify the width of the bars in the chart relative to the amount of space allocated to each scale item. This is specifed by a percentage value, 1=100%, .5=50%, etc...

barChartProperties.setWidthPercentage( 1f );				
Bar Chart Widths

Bar Outline

jCharts allows you to specify the 'outline' properties of the bars. The default values are to show a one pixel wide, black outline. This is set on the BarChartProperties Object, from which all Bar Chart Types extend.

barChartProperties.setShowOutlinesFlag( true );
ChartStroke outlineChartStroke= new ChartStroke( new BasicStroke( 2.0f ), );
barChartProperties.setBarOutlineStroke( outlineChartStroke );
Bar Chart Outlines

Horizontal Plots

Each of the Bar Chart Types can be plotted Horizontally by simply passing a flag to the AxisProperties Constructor.

AxisProperties axisProperties= new AxisProperties( true );				
Fixme (Nathaniel)
Remove Horizontal Section from "Axis Charts" in CVS
Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart

Bar Labels

It is possible to display value labels on your Bar and Clustered Bar charts, but not Stacked Bar Charts. To do this, add a ValueLabelRenderer to the BarChartProperties Object by calling the addPostRenderEventListener( PostAxisValueRenderListener ) method.

You can set the Font and Paint used for the Values on the ValueLabelRenderer Object.

This feature is not available on Stacked Bar Charts.
ValueLabelRenderer valueLabelRenderer = new ValueLabelRenderer( false, false, true, -1 );
valueLabelRenderer.setValueLabelPosition( ValueLabelPosition.AT_TOP );
valueLabelRenderer.useVerticalLabels( false );
barChartProperties.addPostRenderEventListener( valueLabelRenderer );				
Bar Chart Labels

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