Krysalis jCharts
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History of Changes



Version 1.0.0 alpha 2 (current CVS) (2004)

  • fix PieChart2D was not rendering correctly when Legend was placed on the LEFT side. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • add Added ability to display X-Axis labels at arbitrary angles. (Chris McKay)
  • add Added 3D Stacked Bar Chart. (Steve Skillcorn / Chris McKay)

Version 1.0.0 alpha 1 (5-31-2004)

  • update Initial Import of the krysalis-jcharts CVS module. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • update Moved codebase into new namespace org.krysalis.jcharts (nathaniel_auvil)
  • add Added flag to ChartProperties which allows users to toggle Anti-Aliasing on the charts. The default is true, but if you are embeding a chart in a PDF file, set it to false in order to get a cleaner image. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • fix Refactored PieChart2D and fixed a couple undocumented bugs with the labelling code. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • update Refactored PieChart2DProperties to use a ChartStroke Object for the border stroke. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • add Re-introduced the PieChart3D! It was in jCharts 0.2 but disappeared there after. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • remove Removed scaling of legend shapes in PointChart. (sundar_balasubramanianl)
  • add Added line strokes around point shapes in Legend for LineChart. (sundar_balasubramanianl)
  • add Added a five pixel padding to the top of the axis plot area so the data 'fits' the plot area better. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • update Refactored LegendProperties to use a ChartFont Object. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • add Added a Radar Chart implementation. (Rami Hansenne)
  • fix Fixed Image Map bug in LineChart that the Label was always the first item in the data set. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • fix Fixed bug when rendering bar labels in Clustered Bar Charts with a zero value. (Christian Peterson)
  • add BarChart Image Map will now include zero values provided zero is displayed on the axis scale. (nathaniel_auvil)

Version 0.7.5 (11-2-2003)

  • fix Fixed Bug: Line and Point charts no longer start at the y-axis. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • fix Fixed Bug: Image Map coordinate on a Scatter Plot chart incorrectly using the y coordinate for both x and y. (nathaniel_auvil)

Version 0.7.4 (06-29-2003)

  • fix Fixed Bug: The Y-Axis Title was not centering itself vertically on the y-axis. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • fix Fixed Bug: multi-line chart title not computing its height correctly. (nathaniel_auvil)

Version 0.7.3 (06-21-2003)

  • fix Fixed Bug: YAxis so that the specified ChartStroke is used. (nathaniel_auvil)
  • fix Fixed Bug: x-axis labelling bug on XY Plots. (nathaniel_auvil)

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